Distracted Driving Kills

Since November of 2000, 55,000 people have died on Texas roads. To put it in perspective, the last deathless day on Texas roads was the day of the Bush vs Gore election. This statistic has only worsened the more time has passed. On average someone is killed every two and a half hours and injured every two minutes. Is there a reason for this? Distracted driving, perhaps?

How deadly do you believe your daily commute has become due to distracted driving? Ninety-four percent of crashes are caused by distracted driving. Distracted driving is defined as anything that takes your attention away from the task of driving. This includes texting and driving, speeding, eating, and drinking and driving. Although drinking and driving contribute to most of these fatalities, texting has become an increasingly fatal distraction since cell phone usage continues to rise.

How deadly has your daily commute become?


Texting and driving have become such an issue that recently, many cell phone makers have developed a series of features that reduce distracted driving by preventing phones from issuing notifications while their vehicle is in motion. State counties have taken action as well, with most creating laws making it illegal to use your cell phone while driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, during daylight hours approximately 481,000 drivers are using their phones while on the road, meaning many drivers are creating situations with enormous potential for death and injury.

Using safe driving practices and paying close attention to the road can prevent the vast majority of deadly accidents caused by distracted driving. The state of Texas, with millions of drivers and millions of miles of roads, can do better to promote the use of safe driving practices. These deaths can be and should be preventable. It is time for the citizens of Texas to take responsibility for themselves and their friends. It’s time we do more to prevent people who have been drinking on the road. It is time for people to put down their cell phones while driving. It is time for drivers to watch their speed in dangerous weather and driving conditions. It is time for drivers to buckle up and make sure that all of their passengers are buckled up as well. It is time for Texas to end this deadly streak.

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